CS1 (2020)

FS1-10 (2016)

SS1 & SS2 (2015)
Magnifying mirrors, Mirrors LED lights

CS 1 examines the distance between subject and body during moments of anxiety, specifically as found in obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphia. CS 1 is a mirrored box with two cut outs: one for the right eye and another exposing the right cheek. Within, compact mirrors are angled, bouncing reflections of one’s flesh back and forth, seemingly infinitely. LED lights are placed to mimic the harsh lighting of beauty mirrors.

The piece gives the viewer the same sense of anxiety and distance from one’s body that a person experiences during an anxiety spiral. An aspect of body dysmorphia and obsessive compulsive disorder is being extremely aware of almost unseen details and becoming fully fixated on these specific points. AS1 looks to examine the relationship between subject and body in moments of anxiety in which the focus on details overwhelms greater realty.
In CS 1, these instances of anxiety are explored through the experience of looking for imperfections on one’s skin and then hoping to correct them through forceful manipulation (picking). Time and the connection between mind and body can be lost while in the state; one’s sense of touch and anything world beyond the mirror become a far removed from this warped reality. The piece’s composition is meant to repetitively draw in the viewer to scrutinize their skin, as it dominates their vision; their own body becoming alien and unfamiliar to the extent that one can’t feel their fingers prying at their flesh.