CS1 (2020)

FS1-10 (2016)

SS1 & SS2 (2015)

Plexiglas and Mirrored Acrylic

FS 1-10 examines the distance between subject and body during moments of anxiety, specifically as found in obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmorphia. FS 1-10 features ten pieces of laser-cut Plexiglas freestanding on top of a sheet of mirrored acrylic, each piece of Plexiglas equidistant from the other. Each sheet stands of a year of having the visual distortion from body dysmorphia and the cuts are derived from a body visualizer set to represent the body weight and measurements of a specific year.  The piece hopes to give the viewer the same sense of distance with one’s body when vision fails to give consistency and accuracy, pushing an individual to rely on understanding one’s own body in abstract, objective terms. This anxiety and fragility of one’s own conception of self is amplified by the freestanding construction of the piece itself, which can topple down at any moment.FS 1-10 hopes to explore the delicate constructions of self-perception and what happens when calculations fail to deliver accuracy of the individual.