CS1 (2020)

FS1-10 (2016)

SS1 & SS2 (2015)

Wood, Fishing Wire

Each piece contain a specific amount of wires, tied together by clear string hung, across a rod suspended between two pieces of wood. Each bushel consists of a certain number of wires, correlating to the number of layers, different instruments or sounds, occurring in a four-count period. To create the length of each wire within a bunch, the root-mean-square amplitude in each four-second period was divided by how many layers are in each four-beat period; each wire represents a fraction, translated 1:1 from decibels to inches, of the average amplitude over that time period.

The sculpture is designed to be read from left to right, as we read sheet music. The steel wire itself was chosen because it’s made from a natural material and because it permits movement, which is a natural characteristic of audio. Also, the wire is light and thin, keeping the idea that sound is light and transparent constant. The clear string used is meant to make the wire look suspended without any support.