Rebecca Broderick is a creative consultant based in New York. She works across all industries agnostically with expertise in fashion and design. Her practice is holistic in both approach and execution, drawing from all forms of culture and knowledge. Collaboration, curiosity, and acting multi-laterally are core to her process, energetically wearing numerous hats at once. She focuses on integrity and creating toothsome work that has high emotional resonance and brings together disparate people, culture, and ideas seamlessly.

Portfolio available upon request.


Thinking About:
- Numbness from being bombarded by content has led to the rise of molecular culture, a new method of feeling intimacy
-We’ve entered an Age of Entropy, where our long-held structures and systems are now in a place of entire chaos before reordering themselves based on where energy naturally is charging and being pulled
- How to rebuild our relationships based off of Grassroots murmurs instead of those in power looking to each other
- How will we reengage with space and how is our awareness of others changing in this new world
- Fashion brands reevaluating how people experience them through stores, shows, products, and packaging
- How subtle, graceful movements can create spaces that are discreetly flexible and modular

Currently Exploring:
- Quantum ontology and multiverse consciousness 
- Baltimore club culture, music, and dance
- Fred Moten
- Choreography annotations
- Gracile and gracilization, plastic surgery and Botox, cyborgism
- Photonic energy, photosynthesis, and holobionts
- Restaurant’s delivery  and COVID dining experiences