Thinking About:
- Numbness from being bombarded by content has led to the rise of molecular culture, a new method of feeling intimacy
-We’ve entered an Age of Entropy, where our long-held structures and systems are now in a place of entire chaos before reordering themselves based on where energy naturally is charging and being pulled
- How to rebuild our relationships based off of Grassroots murmurs instead of those in power looking to each other
- How will we reengage with space and how is our awareness of others changing in this new world
- Fashion brands reevaluating how people experience them through stores, shows, products, and packaging
- How subtle, graceful movements can create spaces that are discreetly flexible and modular

Currently Exploring:
- Quantum ontology and multiverse consciousness 
- Baltimore club culture, music, and dance
- Fred Moten
- Choreography annotations
- Gracile and gracilization, plastic surgery and Botox, cyborgism
- Photonic energy, photosynthesis, and holobionts
- Restaurant’s delivery  and COVID dining experiences